Blogging Loves Me, It Loves Me Not…Or Vice Versa

I have a love-hate relationship with blogging.

There are times I have a few extra minutes, I really, really want to blog something, and….nothing. I can’t think of a single thing to say.

And then there are times like today when dozens of thoughts race through my head. I try to make notes for later — must blog about this, and that, and the other. And then when it comes time to write about it? Um, yeah…I forget what I really wanted to say.

Blogging feels a little arrogant and egotistical, like…I have so many important thoughts, I write them in a blog. It also can feel contrived. Trying to come up with something pithy or interesting enough or new to say on a subject. And self-censoring to not offend the sensibilities of…whomever.

Despite all of that…I blog. And I love it. And somehow, through the self-censoring and everything else, it’s still me that comes through. Quirky, geeky, passionate about certain issues, some guy like…me.

So I won’t blog today about the thoughts that were racing through my head. No time for that. 🙂 But I will try harder to remember what it is that I *wanted* to say, and get back to saying.

And to keep me honest, I’ll share the basic thoughts with you: some thoughts from my recent talk about women in the workplace; more on VDI use cases; what’s been consuming my time recently and keeping me from blogging — budgets; the impostor syndrome/not a “real” CIO; immersion into the world of VDI; CIOs as Jean Luc Picard (“make it so”); guilt; vendor sales calls — of which I get a *lot*; and defining problems/disguising solutions as needs.

Which one(s) do you want to read about?

1 Response to “Blogging Loves Me, It Loves Me Not…Or Vice Versa”

  1. 1 David March 8, 2012 at 5:47 am

    Nice summation of the “bloggers’ dilemma”. 🙂

    Blogging, like the internet at large, is compelling, attractive, promising, and simultaneously overbearing, repulsive and decadent. Nothing new really, just a new, interactive delivery system, another media revolution and major uptick in availability of content.

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